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ACO Separator Monitoring System

  • Ensures compliance with CAN/ULC-656-14 standard for oil-water separators
  • The alarms do not replace the visual maintenance, but ensure timely disposal of oil and/or sludge to guarantee correct operation of the system
  • Certified according to ISO/IEC Guide 17607 to the following standards: UL61010-1, 3rd Ed., May 11, 2012
  • Sensors available to provide visual and audible alarms for oil level, higher water level, and sludge level
  • Relays available to connect to building automation systems
ProductPart No.Weight
lbs (kg)
ACO idOil - 30 high level/oil alarm85409987.0 (3.17)
ACO idOil - 30 control unit only85405641.5 (0.68)
ACO idOil - 30 oil sensor only85407051.5 (0.68)
ACO idOil - 30 liquid level sensor only85407061.5 (0.68)
ACO idOil - 30 sludge level sensor only85407041.5 (0.68)
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